Why did we launch the DPC ?

Data Portability Cooperation (DPC)is a test & learn initiative that is designing, as a first step, a draft of a specification for data portability that is being proposed for the whole industry in a way that adds value to customers while protecting their privacy.

European telecom operators are convinced that our Industry must work together for a brighter future through data management based on the values of trust, transparency, control, and simplicity. Those are the key principles to enable the digital economy and to build a secure ecosystem. It provides the foundations for growth.

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specification of data portability

First draft specification of telco data

The Data Portability Cooperation has defined a first draft of specification to simplify the exchange of personal data in the telco environment.

As a first step, we propose an interoperable format for the data exchange, based on JSON, which describes the main data that are concerned by portability.

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